How to store image from file system to FS.Collection (MeteorJS) Meteor JS 04.02.2016

I have image collection like this (Coffee Script)

@Image = new FS.Collection("Image",
    stores: [
        new FS.Store.FileSystem("images", {path: Meteor.settings.imagesUpload}),

and I want to upload file from file system.

Used CFS with following packages


Simple snippet on server (Coffee Script)

fd = new FS.File()
fd.attachData("/path/to/file.png", (error) ->
    Image.insert(fd, (error, fileObj) ->
        console.log(error, fileObj)

or just like that (Coffee Script)

Image.insert("path/to/file/or/URL", (error, fileObj) ->
    console.log(error, fileObj)

You can also upload file from URL with authentication, read more here.